The longest truck mounted Rotabelt conveyor TD16.5 (60ft) is on his way home to Minnesota. It’s the first time for Rotabelt to deliver this type of conveyor in this State. Another one was delivered 3 years ago in Illinois and was fit onto a  Baylynx Slinger.

This conveyor (just like all Rotabelt conveyors since 2018) was fit by our expert american team in our factory based in Milton, PA.

This particular conveyor has 2 telescops (on the 2nd and the 3rd section), hydraulic proportional and the strongest chain on the market. Easier and faster than a pump to unfold on site with a smaller footprint. Deliver concrete to the right spot due to the wireless remote controller. read more here 

Compet with a different tool and add service to your customer.

Hope you’ll enjoy it !

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