What is R-Drive?

It is an hydrostatic system installed onto the truck to control via a wireless remote-control forward / backward and left / right from outside the cab. The movements are proportional and smooth..

The Clutch

The R-Drive system consists of a clutch mounted on the transmission surrounding the truck’s drive shaft and a motor mounted on the steering column above the steering box. When in use, the gearbox is engaged by clutch surrounding the drive shaft and two serrated wheels to control the steering.

The system is hydraulically powered by the PTO and a pump. It is almost fully independent of the mixer’s system.

This means that no R-Drive parts are engaged during normal driving.

The Steering

2 gears are installed on the steering column that will connect to each other when system is engaged. It’s a low pressure hydraulic motor that controls the steering. When R-Drive is disengaged the gears are not in contact.

This means that no R-Drive parts are engaged during normal driving.

Safety Features

The R-Drive is always equipped with a camera located at the front of the truck. The IP68 rated screen is usually placed at the back (depends on applications).

The system constantly checks the safety of the truck before it can work (parking brake status, emergency stops …)

Why chose R-Drive + Rear discharge VS Front discharge ?

Lighter -> The R-Drive system weigts only 551 Lb -> Haul more !

Cheaper ->  $10,000.00 less than a front (*Truck+Mixer+R-Drive) -> Profitable !

Standard -> Second life of the truck : can still be turn into regular truck -> Re-Usable ! 


Different applications : concrete mixer, dump truck, vac truck, refuse/recycling trucks , conveyors, Sprider, crane, tow/recovery, fuel delivery, hooklifts, rollofs,…

Improvement of the working conditions

R-Drive avoids incessant climbing in and out of the cab on worksites. It reduces the risk of accidents and simplifies maneuvering equipment on difficult jobs.

Simple maintenance

If used daily : 2 guide necks to change every 4 years , seals of hydraulic motors (3 years) and Oil (once a year)

All wear parts are in stock in Milton, Pennsylvania

Technical features

WEIGHT—————————————————————————— 551 Lb

MAX SPEED——————————————————————–1.24 Mph

MOVEMENTS——————————————– Left – right – forward – back

LUBRICATION POINTS———————————— 4, to do on a weekly basis


OPTIONAL : presence sensor linked to a red beacon

APPROVED In France by UTAC on all trucks brands !


– Unused PTO opening on transmission

  • Exist since 1990
  • 2000 systems installed all over the world
  • European quality components
  • Low maintenance costs (less than $200/year)

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