The efficiency and profitability of the “conveyor service”

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Rotating Chute

The Only conveyor without a blind spot ! 2 length available : 41 ft and 53 ft

Telescopic conveyors with a rotating chute at the end


Use telescopic conveyor to avoid moving the truck on site.

3 different length : 41, 53, and 57 ft


Standard equipment with low maintenance costs

Labor savings: one driver is needed to transport and place concrete Time savings: no stabilizers for quicker setup, faster and easier than wheelbarrows or raking

Conveyors on site

examples on site !

Technical Features

  • Dual stage piston pump
    no heated oil !
  • Strong partners : Sauer Danfoss PVG Hydraulics
    european and worldwide known brand !
  • Hydraulic distributor : every section has its own pressure settings
    no over pressure !
  • Proportionnal movements in all Rotabelt conveyors as a standard
    smooth movements and reduce maintenance costs
  • Wireless remote controller
    900 mhz , changing channels so it won’t interfere with other equipment on site
  • Complete remote controller
    control everything with the remote : mixer charge/discharge, chute UP/Down, Horn, all conveyor movement.
  • Enclose chain rotation
    the chain is completely guide and hardly enclosed , no movement of the conveyor if the chain breaks
  • Single check valve inside the main cylinder
    no risk of tearing up the valve !
  • Support cradle :
    On road position, the conveyor’s head is laying on 2 parts to share the weight on the cradle -> no premature cracks and the conveyor is more stable !

With a Rotabelt conveyor, you improve your reach !

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T3D12 Mixer mounted conveyor

RotaBELT : the solution

Using the best quality componants with our strong industrial experience, buying a RotaBELT conveyor ensure you profitability, performance and reliability while delivering ready-mix concrete on site.

From 42 to 57 feet with simple, simple telescopic, double telescopic or the MIP 2016 at the WOC show Rotating Chute, you’ll always find a place for a Rotabelt in your fleet.

The RotaBelt conveyor gives you the opportunity to charge another service to your customers. (you don’t always need a pump)

Beside the complete range of 10 different conveyors, we can provide you all the spare parts that you need (no matter what brand is your conveyor, some parts can be interchangeable) – Just call us !

Estimated Annual Revenue

5,000 Cu Yds

Average Yards Placed per Year

X $24-26 per Yard

Average Placing Rate (TS15 Model)

$120,000 – $130,000

Additional Revenue Generated with Conveyor


T3D16 – Rotabelt

Shumaker Industries proudly introduces the RotaBELT T3D16 Mixer-Mounted
Conveyor. The longest, mixer-mounted conveyor available in North America with
a patented 360° rotating discharge chute that can literally pour around corners.

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